Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) Sehome PTSA:

1. Q: Who sponsors and plans dances?

A: There are 4 dances per year. 
Homecoming Dance:  Planned by leadership class, ASB, Cheer, and Dance.  All decorating and details are done by Cheer and Dance.  Revenue from the event goes to Cheer and Dance. Two after game dances: Planned by ASB and Leadership class.  The proceeds from both dances are split between leadership club and Prom. Prom: Planned by ASB junior and senior leaders.  Proceeds from this go to a senior gift to the school.

2. Q: What is “Super Wednesday”?

A: Super Wednesday occurs every October, typically the third Wednesday of the month.  Sehome offers the Pre-ACT for sophomores, and the PSAT for juniors.  Students can opt out of testing, but this is a free opportunity for them to try these assessments. Students also get their results, and access to free review materials.
Freshmen and seniors participate in other activities during this time.

3. Q: Why is Homecoming a "dress-up" occasion? 

A: The ASB and student leadership group decides the theme and semi-formal attire seems to always be the desire of the students.

4.  Q: What is Bring Joy to a Child?

A: Bring Joy to a Child is a student led project.  Anchor classes will decide if they want to adopt a family in our district.  The class purchases the items needed, and they are delivered to families.

5. Q: What is Student Learning Center/Tutoring Center? 

A: Sehome' s Tutoring Center is open Mondays-Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:30 in "The Hub" down on the first floor. Tutors are recruited from Western Washington University and Sehome to support students. An online system is available to reserve free one on one time with one of the tutors, as well as open study time. Healthy snacks are served, and WTA bus day passes are also available. To make a reservation with a tutor click here. 

6. Q: What is Skyward student information system?

A: Skyward Family Access is a web-based program that is accessible to families from any Internet connection.  High school students are also able to log into Skyward Family Access to see their information and to register for courses. With Skyward Family Access, families have the opportunity to:
-View attendance records, health and behavior information
-Access state and district test score data
-Access student's academic history (middle and high school only)
-High school transcripts, graduation requirements and educational milestones (high school only)

7. Q: What is Skylert?

A: Skylert enables you to receive notifications concerning your student(s). You have control over which notifications to receive and how you would like to receive them.   Log in to Family Access to update your notification preferences and contact information in Skylert. Click this link for instructions on using Skylert within Family Access.

8. Q: What is Anchor class?

A: Anchor class is a daily, 25-minute class, between the first and second periods of the day.  Three days each week, students may travel to teachers for tutoring or to collect missing assignments. The two non-travel days are used for building community within the Anchor class and to check grades. This time can also be used for completing homework, reading, or decompressing.

This year, the school has focused 9th grade Anchor classes, with embedded mentors, to support our freshmen students.

9. Q: Why is Junior/Senior prom together? Can students other than juniors and seniors attend?

A: We have only have one prom per year for many different reasons. This was a joint decision, made by students and administrators from all 3 high schools.  Juniors or Seniors may invite a sophomore or freshman as their guest. Each junior or senior is invited to bring one guest.  Guests that are not SHS students are required to fill out a form,  Please contact the school office for more information,

10. Q: What is the 7 Arts week?

A: 7 Arts week normally takes place in June.  It is a celebration of ceramics, visual arts, photography, drama, and music.  Exhibits, concerts, and other activities focusing on art, happen throughout the week.

11. Q: What is EOC exam?

A: We no longer have EOC (End of Course) exams. They are now the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA). SBA is given in the 10th grade and assess English Language Arts and Math. Students are assessed on Science skills through the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS).

12. Q: What is PAC, HCLPAC, and SEPAC?

A: PACS is the Parent Advisory Committee to the Superintendent.  Each school is represented by 2 parents.  HCLPAC is the Highly Capable Learning Parent Advisory Committee.  SEPAC is the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee. For more information about these committees, click here.