Sehome PTSA 

2700 Bill McDonald Pkwy
Bellingham, WA  98225 

Executive Board Members and Committee Chairs, 2023-2024


Co-Presidents: Beth Downing & Flo Behrends
Co-Vice Presidents of Fundraising: Megan Peterson & Megan Ellingson
Co-Vice President of Booster Clubs: Marlowe Downing & Brian Sullivan
Co-Vice President of Membership: Alyssa Johnson & Shelley Higgins
Bookkeeping Treasurer: Kristine Frye
Check Writing Treasurer: Michelle Neff
Vice President Volunteer Management: Carol Hawk
Member-at-Large: Tracy Bell
Secretary: Rachael Ustorf
Parent Advisory Committee: Kate Wearn
Communications - Facebook/Instagram: Chuan Kuzin
Staff Appreciation: Ann Marie Verneuil
Communications - Mariner Memo/Website: Open
Mariner Mentor:  Open
Nominating Committee: Open
Senior Celebration: Open